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Waterproof Motorcycle Drop Leg Bag

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Reach for your essentials with ease

Make your ride even more comfortable with the Threo leg bag. Its unique drop design will allow you to easily access your items on the road. Plus, it will add a trendy touch to your biker outfit.


The Threo bag is made from strong materials that resist wear and tear. It can withstand rough handling without getting damaged, serving you for years to come.


The Threo bag will keep your belongings intact, regardless of the weather. Even in heavy rain and wet conditions, they will remain dry. This feature also extends the bag's lifespan.


Thanks to the two straps, your bag will stay in place during your ride. They are both adjustable, allowing you to achieve a snug fit.  This means you won't get distracted by a moving bag while you're riding.

Reviews about THREO Waterproof Motorcycle Drop Leg Bag

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  1. John Shannon       


    Great for daily rides. I appreciate the waterproof design that keeps my items safe in unexpected rain. The pockets are easy to access and make retrieving small items quick and effortless. It’s comfortable, functional, and stylish as well!

  2. Reece Griffith   


    The design of this bag makes it perfect for carrying essential items while on the go. I appreciate how easy it is to access my phone and wallet quickly. The adjustable straps are a great feature as they ensure a snug fit. I highly recommend this for any rider.

  3. Faye MacGuire


    As an avid motorcyclist, I found this drop leg bag extremely useful. The carbon fiber design gives it a sleek look, and it’s surprisingly spacious. The reflectors add an extra layer of safety for night rides.

  4. Finbar O’Connell  


    I am very satisfied with this drop leg bag! The material is durable and water-resistant, as advertised. I appreciate the small compartments inside for organizing my stuff efficiently. Thanks!

  5. Rory Cullen      


    The bag is a fantastic find. It is light but very sturdy, providing ample space for essentials. The quick-release buckles are handy, making it easy to remove or put on. It’s worth every penny!

  6. Reece Griffith     


    This bag is fantastic for carrying everything I need. It easily fits my phone, wallet, keys, and even a small first aid kit. The durability and secure straps make it perfect for holding all these essentials without feeling bulky or heavy.

  7. Juliette Henly


    This bag is compact yet perfectly designed to hold all my necessities without becoming bulky or heavy. The sleek design and sturdy build are great for long-term use! I highly recommend it for fellow bikers!

  8. Dervla O’Brien


    This leg bag is perfect for me. I use it when riding my bike. It holds my registration/insurance info, my wallet, and keys and still has room for any other small items I may need to take on my ride. It’s not bulky, and I love that!

  9. Brian McMillan 


    The drop leg bag is very convenient, especially on long rides. Very comfortable to wear for prolonged periods. It is great for holding items securely, but it would benefit from additional padding for extra comfort

  10. Micheal


    I use this bag regularly and appreciate how versatile and practical it is. It’s water-resistant and has reflective stripes. My only minor gripe is that the main compartment could be a bit bigger. Overall, a fantastic bag for riders.

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Up to 20% off your first purchase

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Waterproof Motorcycle Drop Leg Bag