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Swimming Buoy

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The THREO Swimming Buoy is an excellent piece of equipment that allows swimmers to stay safe while swimming in open water. Thanks to its natural buoyancy, it can be used as a floating device. You will be confident that in case you have a cramp or just want to rest, you can grab the float. Fastened to your waist by a belt with a tether line, it has a storage compartment that is separate from the inflatable air chamber. By attaching to your body, it assists you with floating and swimming while keeping your personal items close at hand. This swimming buoy is also useful for point-to-point swims as it allows you to transport a dry pair of shoes for an enjoyable return to the starting point.

Our swimming buoy is made of durable PVC fabric, which is soft, comfortable, and won’t leak. The strong fabric ensures secure waterproof protection for your belongings. What’s more, this buoy is very easy to use. It has an easy-inflating air nozzle, which can be quickly and easily deflated when needed. Just place your belongings inside the dry bag, roll down the top, clip to close, and inflate to make it float. The buoy’s belt is highly adjustable to fit around your waist.

The bright color of this swimming buoy increases visibility in the water. The color makes it easy to see and acts as a marker buoy to boaters. Can be used both by teenagers and adults for stand-up paddling, diving, snorkeling, and other swimming activities. In this buoy, you can put your phone, sunglasses, sunscreen, body glide, diving mask, camera, water shoes, keys, and other essentials.

Key Benefits of the Swimming Buoy

✔️ ENSURES YOUR SAFETY The swimming buoy allows swimmers to stay safe while swimming in water.

✔️ CAN STORE YOUR ITEMS This inflatable swimming buoy allows you not to worry about leaving your essentials unattended, making it ideal for storing your kit whilst you swim.

✔️ EASY TO USE With a built-in inflatable nozzle, it is easy to inflate and deflate. The adjustable and detachable waist belt and durable buckle strap can fit various waist sizes.


Reviews about THREO Swimming Buoy

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  1. Jacinta (verified owner)


    This buoy is easy to use. The waist strap is easily adjustable and the buoy easily follows you as you swim, so you can be easily spotted in the water.

  2. Ewen (verified owner)


    I used this device for open water swimming and I can say that it works well. I recommend it to my friends also, they are waiting for their orders :))

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)


    It is a must-have for each swimmer, it is very helpful when swimming in open water. It keeps my belongings safe, which is great!

  4. John (verified owner)


    Inflation/deflation is very fast, which I could not even imagine. The color is visible, I think it adds extra security. Very satisfied!!

  5. Nadia (verified owner)


    Not bad!

  6. Brian (verified owner)


    I bought one for myself and one for my sister. We are now safer and more confident with these floating buoys

  7. Rian (verified owner)


    very comfortable thing. I bought different colors: orange for myself and yellow for my wife. She loves it and takes it every time she goes to the beach. I put my AirPods and phone in it and it works well!

  8. Jacinta (verified owner)


    This buoy has high quality and seems very durable. I take it with me to the beach every time and I am very pleased!

  9. Blake (verified owner)


    Takes about 15-20 seconds to fully blow up..saves time and allows you to completely relax. Amazing

  10. Jacinta (verified owner)


    This is a great product for someone like me who really feels discomfort in the ocean. Buy it and swim with confidence!

  11. Ewen (verified owner)


    The color of this buoy is very noticeable. The buoy itself is lightweight and the straps are adjustable,, very comfortable for me!

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)


    I like the visibility of this buoy but for me, it is not convenient to use..

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Up to 20% off your first purchase

Swimming Buoy