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Photochromic Cycling Glasses – Mountain Bike

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The THREO Photochromic Glasses are a must-have, specially crafted for mountain bikers. The lenses reduce bright reflection and unwanted glare, as well as improve vision clarity in bright situations by darkening and lightening as the light changes. This eliminates the need to change the glasses or take them on and off, freeing your hands and preventing possible accidents. The wide lens protects the rider’s eyes from sunlight exposure, dirt, and small debris that might cause problems while riding.

Our cycling glasses are constructed to provide all-day comfort. They adopt ventilation holes, helping your face skin to breathe while wearing them. The rubber nose pads ideally fit any nose and ensure the best wearing comfort without chafing.

Our photochromic glasses adopt UV400 protection coating, which proves to be effective in blocking harmful UVA, UVB rays, and blue light. This large PC lens also doesn’t limit the field of vision and provides a clear picture. The frame is made of TR-90 material, making the glasses lightweight but sturdy at the same time. The adjustable rubber temples fit various facial contours, promoting non-slip wearing.

Key Benefits of the Photochromic Cycling Glasses

✔️ EFFECTIVE EYE PROTECTION — A polarized lens can effectively filter harmful light in the environment and block the reflected glare while also covering the eyes to avoid wind, dust, or mosquitos.

✔️ CLEAR VISION — Transparent lenses shift the level of darkness and brightness to ensure your clarity of vision in any weather conditions.

✔️ COMFORTABLE FIT — The THREO Photochromic Glasses adopt ultralight frames with soft nose pads and temples, making them suitable and non-slip for any face shape.

✔️ WIDE FIELD OF VIEW — Our glasses adopt a widespread lens that prevents the frame from blocking your peripheral vision.


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  1. Reece


    I used these glasses for dual sport motorcycle riding. Helped block a lot of dust from the front rider from getting in my eyes, MUCH better than regular sunglasses at this. Work as expected👍

  2. Teague


    These are super high quality & the lenses truly do change their colour depending on the amount of sun while riding! They are also very cool-looking – I always get compliments on them! Thanks!

  3. Teague


    I like the full coverage and unobstructed views. The photochromatic is great for changing light conditions when riding in the woods. So comfortable I don’t even know I’m wearing them.

  4. Teague


    These feel amazing, sit very comfortably on the face and I could wear them for hours. Really high build quality and they block the sun well too!

  5. Joseph


    The shape and protection from wind are great along with the change in the tent as you go in and out of the sun. Could be more comfortable, but it works! Would recommend

  6. Malachy


    Great coverage. Lenses adjust quickly which is needed when mountain biking in and out of shade/sun. Super lightweight and comfortable! Have recommended to friends!

  7. Malachy


    These photochromic glasses fit perfectly. I was so excited to receive them to try them on. They transition automatically to the sunlight and I love the wide lenses. They are very lightweight and comfortable. Great value for the price.

  8. Malachy


    I’m so excited to use my first photochromic glasses. The lens is working great! As advertised, it darkens or lightens with the intensity of the light. Would buy again!

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Up to 20% off your first purchase

Photochromic Cycling Glasses – Mountain Bike