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Inflatable Air Sleeping Pad

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Say goodbye to back soreness and other discomforts caused by sleeping in uncomfortable places with this THREO Inflatable Air Sleeping Pad!

Whether it’s hiking, camping, or enjoying some fun moments out in the woods, this THREO Inflatable Air Sleeping Pad will be your greatest companion. Designed to offer a high level of comfort, this sleeping pad is plush and soft enough to cradle your body while sleeping. Our inflatable sleeping pad keeps you warm by isolating the cold from the ground. With this sleeping pad, you will wake up refreshed, recharged, and ready to continue your journey through nature.

To keep you comfortable while resting on the ground, this sleeping pad features a thick 6,5cm soft foam mat that has a warm surface designed for outdoor use. The sleeping pad is made of high-quality materials: double layer laminating process, TPU Nylon fabric, and wear-resistant waterproof coating. Considering of cervical spine’s requirement, an ergonomic pillow is also included to provide a soothing headrest. The innovative hexagonal air chamber design disperses the pressure to support your body

The inflating process is quite easy and fast. The pad inflates in less than 60 seconds with just a few steps. This portable and durable camping mat pad will be your strongest camping equipment. You will never have to sleep uncomfortably again once you buy this soft sleeping pad. Our inflatable air sleeping pad is compressible and lightweight, so it becomes very small and compact once you deflate and fold it. THREO sleeping pad is designed to be used when camping, hiking, or other outdoor adventures. The compressible mattress is available in different colors: blue, navy blue, orange, and green. So pick your favorite color and get ready for the next outdoor adventure. 

Key Benefits of the Inflatable Air Sleeping Pad

✔️ KEEPS WARM – The sleeping pad uses an R-value to insulate, resist the cold and keep you warm.

✔️ PROVIDES RESTFUL SLEEP – This sleeping pad provides soft and quiet material that provides an undisturbed, comfortable sleep.

✔️ MULTIFUNCTIONAL – The sleeping pad is not only for outdoorsy types, but it is also ideal for festivals, travel, and days at the beach.

✔️ EASY TO USE – The inflating process is quite easy and fast. It inflates in less than 60 seconds with just a few steps.

✔️ EASY TO CARRY – Our inflatable air sleeping pad is compressible and lightweight. It becomes small and compact once you deflate and fold it, so you can easily carry it with you everywhere. 





Reviews about THREO Inflatable Air Sleeping Pad

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  1. Nadia (verified owner)


    It is very comfortable and keeps me off the ground perfectly. Very soft fabric!

  2. Brian (verified owner)


    I take it with me to the camping. Very pleased with how well it works!

  3. Stella (verified owner)


    Compact and light! It fits perfectly in my bag!

  4. Ronan (verified owner)


    Super compact, and very easy to blow up (about 10 breaths). High-quality product!

  5. Teague (verified owner)


    What I really liked about this sleeping pad is that it kept me in the center of the mattress all night. Perfect!

  6. Reece (verified owner)


    This pad caused me to oversleep. Really very comfortable sleeping pad

  7. Eamon (verified owner)


    I bought this to sleep indoors on a rock-hard floor. It is very thin but did an excellent job!

  8. Mick (verified owner)


    I bought one for me and one for my wife. Have not used it yet .. we will use it for camping, and then I will share my review

  9. Caoimhe (verified owner)


    The most comfortable sleeping pad I’ve used. Highly recommend! The color is also very sweet

  10. Frank (verified owner)


    Make sure the valve is closed. In this case, it stays pumped up all night and will provide you with a comfortable sleep!


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Up to 20% off your first purchase

Inflatable Air Sleeping Pad