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Sofia Miller

Sofia Miller

Sofia Miller – Threo Author

Hey there! I am Sofia Miller, now 36 years old, and I have discovered my purpose and passion – athletic performance and wellness. My life has always orbited around the world of sports and fitness, with my favorite endeavors including swimming, running, and cycling. My love for these activities led me to pursue an academic career, resulting in earning a Sports degree from the prestigious University of Glasgow. This education has given me a fine-tuned understanding of the body, the training required, and how these intersect, allowing me to specialize in these sports domains.

After graduation, I directed my career towards representing the UK in various international sports events. Wanting to contribute more to my field, I decided to utilize my expertise to train and guide the future generation of athletes. I have since become a local figure, coaching young athletes in my community and emphasizing to them the importance of a balanced approach to sports.

Apart from my athletic and mentoring commitments, I have found an online platform, Threo, where I share my insights and experiences. Here, I provide a detailed analysis of my training routines and products and share inspiring stories from my own journey in the sports world.